Patent on Private Key Generation Method and System of Blockchain Electronic Wallet Based on Fingerprint Information

2 min readMay 14, 2021


The Patent (patent №201910066429.3) provides a private key generation method and system for blockchain electronic wallet based on fingerprint information. By collecting the image of user’s fingerprint, and through a unique data processing logic of the collected fingerprint image, the user can get a corresponding private key.

This technique can meet the requirement of users holding his/her own private key, which largely improves the security and reliability of transactions through blockchain. The private key no longer needs to be stored, which can avoid the risk of embezzlement and illegal use. Moreover, even if the private key is lost or the user forgets to carry the storage device, user can restore the private key according to the user’s fingerprint information.

The patent consists part of THEKEY’s Real identity wallet (RIW) and Enhanced private key management solution.


THEKEY is a decentralized ecosystem of Identity Verification (IDV) tool integrating national big-data and the blockchain. THEKEY’s proprietary Blockchain-based Dynamic Multi-dimension Identification (BDMI) platform has been using Personal Identity Information (PII) exclusively authorized by the Chinese Government. THEKEY token (TKY) is the only method to settle smart contracts across THEKEY Ecosystem, which is tradable on HitBTC, KuCoin, etc.

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THEKEY is a blockchain based identity verification technology (IDV) being developed to create secure digital identities for the future.